Starting with glitter and sparkle, Party Glamour brings the glamour to every occasion

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Our Story

Starting with glitter and sparkle, Party Glamour brings the glamour to every occasion by providing the latest trend inspired party supplies, décor and planning services for both personal and corporate events.

We offer a bespoke, tailor-made service where any imaginative idea can be created and brought to life to create a magical experience for a child’s dream birthday celebration through to a fairy tale wedding.

Party Glamour offers a wide range of products ranging from a simple balloon, ribbon and weight through to an event styling service for thousands at a corporate event.

Our packages range from Party In A Box to a bespoke and prestigious party package service with all the magical trimmings desired.

What matters the most

Here at Party Glamour we believe quality is the most important thing when it comes events and by using trendy and stylish accessories this is only way to a glamorous finish. We only provide products from leading manufacturers from around the world, to give to you the very best in party decor and event services.

We do not comprise quality for price and aim to deliver the same high standards, delivered every time.

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What we do..

We are a Trend Inspired Party Shop Boutique based in Birmingham.

We provide anything from a single balloon on a string, to a bespoke fairytale wedding.

We are a bespoke specialist who enjoy’s making events amazing.

We even provide Boutique Bouquets and Flower Arrangements & Displays for Celebrations, Weddings or Sympathies.

 We do it all!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do we inflate your own balloons?

Answer:  Yes we do! But without guarantee as we cannot be certain of the products yurve brought in.

Q:  How much are your balloons?

Answer:  As you can imagine we have hundreds of balloons, so we need you to be more specific is what your asking to give an accurate price.

Q:  Is the Shop open on Sundays?

Answer:  Only for bookings, so get booked in!

Planning A Childrens Party

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